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Maintain Arizona's Small Loan Law: CEI/CFA Comment Letter Fed Rule Payday & Auto Title Loans

  • Support Arizona's 36% or LESS interest rate cap for all small loans
  • Require Auto Title Ledning to comply with 36% APR limits
  • Resist special interests and corporate efforts to obtain special exemptions to current law
  • Monitor and report coporate actions intended to circumvent the law
  • Encourage innovative approaches to meeting consumer's cash flow & savings needs
  • Research current and emerging trends within the informal economy

CFPB Comment Period Closed Oct 7th 2016. Thousands of people from across the country-veterans, seniors, single parents, and families struggling to make ends meet-shared their personal stories of what it's like living in a never-ending debt trap and facing serious financial harm, such as losing cars and being unable to pay rent and other essential living expenses."CFPB has engaged in a long and thorough process to research these industries and evaluate potential rulemaking approaches. Now more than ever they should put forth a strong rule that is free of loopholes and can stop the debt trap and provide a level playing field for lenders across the board." Mike Calhoun

You can read The Center for Economic Integrity Comment Letter Submitted to the CFPB HERE

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is a federal regulatory agency whose primary responsibility is to make sure banks, lenders and other financial institutions treat YOU the consumer fairly.

The CFPB implements and enforces federal consumer financial laws to ensure that all consumers have access to markets for consumer financial products and services that are fair, transparent, and competitive.

Initial analysis of the CFPB rule on payday and auto title lending by the Center for Responsible Lending. Read CRL Analysis

New Mexico Small Loan Initiative and Public Information Campaign See Video:

  • Outreach to general public about the dangers of high cost small loan lending in New Mexico
  • Develope and Facilitate Financial Management Workshops in Rural Communities
  • Continue to work with Coaliton Partners for reasonable small loan interest rate caps
  • Provide training and technical assistance to nonprofit partners with regards to economic justice issue and social enterprise development
  • Work with the Public and Private Sector to encourage responsible, fair small loan lending options for modest income individuals and families

Rural Family Asset Development

  • Pilot and test a social/behavioral Financial Capabilities course series targeted to consumer needs based market segments identified Rural Family Asset Development Campaign
  • This project utilizes concepts from across the social, behavioral and financial education curriculum spectrum/models in an effort to test the theory that a paradigm shift form didactic to experiential/individual to collective emphasis; will increase the effectiveness of financial literacy education programs designed to serve low to moderate income rural consumer's asset building competencies

Arizona Grandparent Ambassador Support & Advocacy Network:

  • Provide Technical Organizing & Outreach Assistance to Grandparent/Kinship Caregiverswith other nonprofit organizations to advance AZ Grandparent Ambassador Public Policy Prioritiesstate-wide efforts
  • To educate the general public and key decision makers with regards to economic issues affecting children in Kinship care

See Video Stories of Grandparent Caregivers:

Gulf Coast Alternative Staffing Project:

  • Provide Technical Assistance to nonprofit human services organizations who wish to launch an Alternative Employment Staffing Agency
  • Asses the viability of creating a pathway out of poverty utilizing a market based intervention model
  • Economic Opportunity in the Gulf Coast (Louisiana) Region of the USBridge the gap between the needs of hard-to-employ individuals and employers

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