Announcing ‘The Preschool Promise’ coalition to help all Pima County kids

Local Opinion: By Eric Schindler and Penelope Jacks Special to the Arizona Daily Star | September 8, 2019

Children who attend high-quality preschool are far more likely to succeed in school and become stable, economically self-sufficient adults. They are far less likely to ever be arrested, need remedial education, rely on government assistance, or abuse drugs or alcohol. They become contributors to their communities. High-quality preschool is one of the most cost-effective investments to promote prosperity and prevent poverty today and in the next generation.

This is hardly news, and virtually every educator, pediatrician, parent, grandparent, economist and informed citizen agrees on these points. There are years of supporting research, and in meetings and town halls across Pima County the value and the need for high-quality preschool has been proclaimed.


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