Board of Directors

Jamie Ratner – President | Professor Emeritus of Law, University of Arizona
Penelope Jacks, J.D. – Vice-President | Children’s Advocate (Ret.)
Russ Miller – Secretary | Founder and Treasurer, Ohio Children’s Foundation
Lowell Jones – Treasurer | Founding Board Member; Principal Engineer, ThorCon US, Inc.
Chris Ahearn – School Principal (retired)
Kimberley Braxton Anekwe, J.D. – Chair, Child & Family Resources Board of Directors
Jim Kiser – Journalist (retired), AZ Daily Star, Editorial Page Editor
Catherine Nichols – Public policy, legislature, early childhood education
Elsa Peterson – SAZAEYC Member at Large, Tohono O’odham First Things First Regional Partnership Council
Mary Judge Ryan – PC Civil Practice, Civil Rights Law, Government Law (Ret.)


Kelly Griffith – Executive Director
Stefany Paredes – Community Engagement Coordinator
Rob Stansfield – Controller / Communications Director

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