Economic Development

Corporations and industries such as Auto Title lenders strip wealth not only from working families but from local economies. These economic exporters extract millions of dollars from states such as Arizona and New Mexico each year. In Arizona, which is similar to Virginia, title lenders take in an estimated $316.5 million in revenue per year. This money is stripped from working families and no longer available to circulate in local economies.

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Economic Development

CEI works with nonprofit and for-profit partners to ensure that affordable small loans are available in situations where such loans are appropriate; creates education and financial capability learning opportunities and looks at a wide range of market intervention strategies designed to build individual, family and community wealth.

Gulf Coast Alternative Staffing Project

  • Provide Technical Assistance to nonprofit human services organizations who wish to launch an Alternative Employment Staffing Agency
  • Asses the viability of creating a pathway out of poverty utilizing a market-based intervention model
  • Economic Opportunity in the Gulf Coast (Louisiana) Region of the US
  • Bridge the gap between the needs of hard-to-employ individuals and employers

Rural Family Asset Development

  • Pilot and test a social/behavioral Financial Capabilities course series targeted to consumer needs-based market segments
  • Identified as a Rural Family Asset Development Campaign
  • This project utilizes concepts from across the social, behavioral and financial education curriculum spectrum and models, in an effort to test the theory that a paradigm-shifting change of emphasis from didactic through experiential and individual to collective; will increase the effectiveness of financial literacy education programs designed to serve low-to-moderate-income rural consumer’s asset building competencies
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