Our Mission

The Center for Economic Integrity builds economically strong communities for all and opposes unfair corporate and government practices.

Our Challenge

The extreme economic divide in our country, and the public policy that encourages it, will not change unless and until we challenge head on the powerful industries that profit excessively on the backs of workers, consumers, children and families.

Our Promise

Creates change from the ground up – must be defined by people directly impacted and outcomes must be achieved through diverse community coalitions that share a stake in success – believe our partnership approach and proven strategies lead to sustainable economic change for the better.

Our Approach ~ is Partnership

CEI identifies egregious corporate practices negatively impacting workers and consumers. We work as a facilitator for systemic economic change through partnerships with existing nonprofits, military and political entities, faith-based and business organizations in the following ways:


  • Share results of our research to leverage a strong, broad and inclusive coalition
  • Develop a unifying message and objectives
  • Raise financial resources to fund partner participation in efforts
  • Mobilize united coalitions to achieve a specific outcome of mutual benefit
  • Engage those people directly and adversely affected by an economic problem
  • Document the impacts and gather testimonials
  • Identify and train leaders
  • Educate the broader community about the issue to galvanize support
  • End egregious practices through teaching community coalitions how to pursue new laws and to demand enforcement of existing laws
  • Provide political and communications strategy and coordination for the coalition
  • Engage in shareholder activism and public pressure through media and consumer education campaigns
  • Empower and train nonprofits to develop business enterprises that fit their mission and benefit the community
  • Force corporations to change practices that exploit workers and consumers by creating this ethical competition for these businesses

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