Research Reports

The Center employs two primary research methods Strategic Corporate Research and Participatory Research. Through Corporate Research the Center illuminates the practices and impacts of specific companies on industries in communities of concern. Our second research method involves Participatory Research. With this approach, the Center can more directly involve and compensate impacted constituencies in its fact-finding.

Car Title Lending

One-page Summary of Car Title Lending in Arizona | English | Español

One-page Summaries in English and in Spanish ~ April, 2022

2022 Update to “Still Wrong: Wrecked by Debt ~ Title Lending in Arizona 2019”

Title Lending in Arizona 2022 ~ March 22, 2022

Still Wrong: Wrecked by Debt ~ Title Lending in Arizona 2019

Title Lending in Arizona 2019 ~ August 4, 2019

Wrong Way: Wrecked by Debt ~ Auto Title Lending in Arizona

Auto Title lending in Arizona ~ January 25, 2016

Opportunity in Tucson    Companion Report

Opportunity in Tucson ~ A report by Jim Kiser ~ October 30, 2019

Protecting Arizona Military Families from Predatory lending

Military Saves Week ~ March 2, 2017

Five Hurricanes and an Oil Spill: Lesson from the Gulf Coast Alternative Staffing Initiative

Five hurricanes and an oil spill: gulf coast alternative staffing initiative ~ 2014 Report

Building Financial Strength in Rural Communities

Building Financial Strength in Rural Communities

Financial capabilities workshop pilot evaluation ~ 2014

Building Financial Strength in Rural Communities

2012 Research undertaken to uncover insights into the financial needs, beliefs and experiences of low-income people living in Southwestern rural communities.

Controlling the Growth of Payday Lending Through Local Ordinances and Resolutions: A Guide for Advocacy Groups and Government Officials

This is a “how to” Pass a Payday Lending Ordinance Manual originally published in 2007 and updated in 2012 for consumer advocates, community planners and public officials.

Bridge to Better Money Program

2006-2007 pilot program linking Tucson and South Tucson residents with banks and credit unions in their communities. Providing support to pilot program participants so they could avoid high-cost financial services and products.

Understanding the Use of Financial Services by Residents of South and West sides of Tucson, AZ

Understanding the use of financial services by residents of South and West sides of Tucson, AZ ~ March 2007

Brokered Day Labor in Las Vegas, Nevada

Brokered day labor in Las Vegas, Nevada ~ October 2006

Brokered & Street Corner Day Labor in New Mexico

Brokered and street corner day labor in New Mexico ~ April 2004

Payday Lending in Pima County, AZ

Payday lending in Tucson and Pima County, AZ ~ December 2003

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