PEEPS Annual Report, Summer 2022

Pima Early Education Program Scholarships, Annual Report FY2021/2022 | August 31, 2022

Pima Early Education Program Scholarships, Annual Report

This first year of the Pima Early Education Program (PEEP) has been one of learning and adapting in what seemed to be an ever-changing environment. Despite the pandemic, teacher and other staffing shortages, and changes in funding, PEEPs served 856 children at over 100 locations across Pima County! These included free new preschool classes operated by school districts, extended day Head Start classes, and individual scholarships used at a variety of preschools participating in “Quality First”. Quality First is a program operated by the State’s First Things First agency, and is one of two evidence-based early childhood education programs used to implement PEEPs. The other is the Federal Head Start program operated in our region by Child Parent Centers, Inc. With evidence-based programing, clear metrics, and multi-year funding partnerships, we strive to achieve the short-term and lasting benefits to children, families and communities proven to result from similar programs across the nation.

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