Arizona measure could be a model for Democrats nationwide

Politico | By Megan Messerly |

The union did not respond to multiple requests for comment, but in-state supporters of the measure, including Kelly Griffith, CEO of the Tucson-based Center for Economic Integrity, said the union has for the first time made it possible for advocates of debt reform to be proactive at the ballot box instead of reactive, as the group was when it mounted a defense to a payday loan measure in 2008.

“Prop. 209 is actually an offensive effort that our little organization all by itself would not have the financial resources to tackle,” Griffith said.

The November measure comes as health care advocates at the state level grapple with how to help residents with the rising costs of health care now that it appears Congress will be unable to pass any significant reforms to address the issue.

Arizona voters could approve a measure designed to stop creditors from gouging people with medical bills.

Other states are taking notice.


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